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Birthdate:Feb 7
Location:Pinckney, Michigan, United States of America
To say I'm obsessed with Queer as Folk would be a major understatement. I never saw the show while it was on Showtime, I found it Spring 2008 and was hooked after only one episode. Not even one episode, maybe 10-15 minutes of one show. Even the great Brian Kinney couldn't have designed an advertising campaign that could sell this show so completely, so fast if he tried... Oh wait a minute... I guess he did now, didn't he...

My life was totally changed, and it’s never been the same again. I can't even remember what it was I did with all my free time before I started reading fanfic's 24/7...

Somewhere along the way, I felt a story building up inside of me. Then one day I opened word and let the words spill out on the page. I’ve never written anything before, I didn’t even know I could write… These days I write almost every day. I hope you enjoy reading my fiction as much as I do writing it…

You can also find me on;

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