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Blushes... I wish!

Yep that sounds about right...
After all I'm really just a gay lad living in a woman's body... Ha, ha, ha...
Yep! That's Me... )

My sister Mary suggested that I start writing all my stories from the perspective of a gay teenager...
You mean I'm not already... Ha, ha, ha...

I'm taking this comment as a compliment...

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Okay I have no idea what I’m doing, but I just created a twitter account. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it with time. Meanwhile I’d love to follow you on twitter if you have an account. Please let me know your twitter account/address…

Here’s mine: @7wildwaysup
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God I Love Dell…

A couple of days ago I received a message that I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash software, so I did, and instantly I was inundated with ads and my computer started going wonky… I spent the next few hours trying to uninstall everything that was downloaded on my computer, and I though I did. But I was still being inundated with ads and requests to upgrade other software on my computer.

Then the next day my cable when down, so I decided to go online. I couldn’t… And I got a message that Browsersafeguard was needed to be upgraded. I never hear of Browsersafeguard. So I called my cable/internet company, of course by that time the cable was working again. Then I read them the message about Browsersafeguard and I was told that my computer had been infected by a virus, and I need to contact the manufacturer Dell.

When I bought my new computer this last spring I purchased the advanced technical support package. Thank God… At first when they tried to log onto my computer, the virus had control of my mouse and was opening and closing programs all by itself, totally spooky… After several attempts Dell was able to logon and they spend the next hour and a half uninstalling all the viruses, and Trojan horses, etcetera from my computer. I thought everything was fixed, so they logged off and told me to reboot my computer.

I still wasn’t able to logon to the internet, so I kept rebooting and it finally worked. Exhausted I went to bed thinking everything was fixed. The next morning I had the same problem, I could get on for a few minutes then it would crash. I called Dell again, and they spent another couple of hours uninstalling Browsersafeguard again, that had downloaded about ten more links/viruses onto my computer… What a headache… Then Dell downloaded a malware software, and cleaned up my computer again. I’ve never been more grateful for purchasing the technical support. I truly love Dell…

What I’m trying to say is even if you think you’re upgrading software from a known and reliable company beware, there are people out there that write programs to try and trick you just to gain access to your computer just to wreak havoc… AND BEWARE OF SOMETHING CALLED BROWSERSAFEGUARD !!!

I hope this helps prevent others from having all the problems that I’ve had this week…

Thanks for listening to me whine… ~ Kathleen

smashed computer
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Is anybody else having problems with Midnight Whispers? They post my stories just fine, but I’m not receiving any email notifications for the comments that I receive. I clicked on the contact us tab, and sent them an email explaining my problem. I waited a week, and sent a second email again explaining my problem… It didn’t have any problems posting the next chapter of my fic…

Today I posted a comment as a story addressed to Midnight Whispers explaining my problem, and it wasn’t posted… So someone is monitoring what’s being posted. I waited all day for a response… Nothing…

I just tried to send another email to the contact us section again explaining the problem and it wouldn’t accept the email… Frustrating… So I found a post from the moderators explaining the posting rules and left a comment on their post, addressed to Bob (JTSecrets) he’s always been very nice to me and has helped me in the past… Needless to say I feel like pulling my hair out I’m so frustrated… So I just wondered if anyone else was having problems? Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have…
Sincerely ~ Kathleen

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Okay now that I've had my new computer setup for a week and I'm learning Windows-8, I have finally learned how to download videos to my hard drive... Doing a little happy dance! It's the little things in life that make all the difference... This should hold me until we get some updates from the QAFCon... ~ Kathleen

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What a difference a day makes... Okay I'm doing a happy dance my favorites list is back!

Now I just have to learn how to save and transfer them to my new computer. I'm a little nervous about shutting down this computer, but I'll be brave just a soon as I finish my coffee... Later Kids, wish me luck... ~ Kathleen


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As I mentioned in my previous posts I've been having a lot of computer problems. I have many viruses and Trojan Horses so I've decided to buy a new computer. I spent several hours yesterday backing up all my stories, pics and videos onto travel drives; I was really surprised how much they hold. The last thing I wanted to do was save all my booked marked videos by downloading them out on cnet.com.

Part of the process to setup cnet.com is to downloading this PC Cleaner that finds all the issues you have on your hard drive. Well it took forever to run and when it finally stopped it said I had 1,296 issues... Which made me burst out laughing, I mean I knew it was bad but Oh My God... So it said that it would fix 49 of them for free and then it wanted me to pay big bucks to fix the other. So of course I closed out of that website, because why bother because I'm getting a new computer.

But part of the process is they downloaded an amazon.com toolbar, with cloud which I have no idea what that is. Anyways that toolbar has been driving me crazy all day and I just wanted my old toolbar back. I got so frustrated so I took a break and decided to order a birthday present for my sister Mary. She wanted some Kickboxing Turbo Jam Weighted Gloves, so the amazon toolbar actually came in handy... But after that I decided to delete that toolbar, thinking it would be easy to get my yahoo, or Mozilla toolbars back. I didn't really know which one I had, all I knew was all my bookmarks were gone...

Well something I installed to run the PC Cleaner now has blocked the ability to download my old toolbars... Pulling my hair out... I'm totally dumbfounded my this whole experience to say the least... But the good thing is my new Dell XPS15 (laptop) arrived today, along with my new wireless printer. The only thing I had to do today was run out and buy a router... So now a have all these boxes in my living room and it's like Christmas, it certainly cost more than Christmas... Ha, ha, ha... So tomorrow I'm going to breakdown my old computer and setup my new one, but the truth be told I'm a little nervous after my experience today... And then there's the fact that I'm totally addicted to being online and I hope it doesn't take me all day to figure how to set it up. Because I might go through withdrawal missing all of you... Later Kids ~ Kathleen



May. 23rd, 2013 11:00 am
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As I mentioned in my post last week, my computer seems to be experiencing a slow painful death… I spend two hundred dollar so far this week on anti-virus software, a new wireless keyboard and mouse and several travel drives so I can backup my stories and pictures.

Of course when I get home I realize that my computer, that is ten years old doesn’t have the right connection to plug in the chip thingy to download the anti-virus software. Talking with my sister Jan she says to me, “Maybe it’s time to come out of the Stone Age and get a new computer; maybe a laptop instead of a desk top.”

And of course she’s right, I’ve just been procrastinating the inevitable. Because my current computer is slow and sluggish and I know it has some viruses and Trojan horses on it. So now I’m concerned about graphics software; I have Photoshop on my current computer and I know it and its files take up a lot of memory. And this is another problem I’m having right now because I have too much stored on my hard drive.

So I don’t know how much memory I’ll need on my new computer to run Photoshop? My other sister Mary asks me if I really need Photoshop and of course I tell her I have to be able to make banners and pics for my stories. She seems to think that there is other easier software out there that does the same thing. So I’m just wondering what software other people are using these days as well as what else I’ll need on my new computer?

Any and all suggestions are welcome as I’m completely in the dark about what everyone is using these days. I greatly appreciate it because I’m a complete idiot when it comes to technical stuff.

Thanks so much for all your help. ~ Kathleen
Gale blush2


May. 10th, 2013 06:13 pm
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I haven't downloaded a video from you in a long time. Does anybody know how to download from you-tube? Your help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks so much ~ Kathleen
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Is anyone else have problems with livejournal being soooo sloooow loading pages??? Sorry I can't answer any of my comments or PM's right now... ~ Kathleen


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