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It’s been awhile but I’m back, and this week I’m recommending a fic I just re-read titled “Life Altering” by Ispazz. This one finds Justin taking on the responsibility of raising his siblings, after Jennifer’s death. Brian is still pining for Justin, but when Justin’s life takes a new direction Brian’s not sure he’s ready to be more than friends, at least in the beginning. This story is now being continued in a sequel titled “Life’s Twists” but it’s a WIP with only two chapters posted so far… I’m really enjoying this series and I hope you will too…

So Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Life Altering; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=2003

Life’s Twists; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=3372

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It’s Sunday and I’m right on time for this week recommendation, it’s by author Love-The-Coat titled; ‘It’s Only Time.”

Yes I know it’s a common title, and a common theme but I really enjoyed this one, maybe because I was in the mood for something easy, showing all the passion and love between Brian and Justin. It follows Justin’s move to New York, and Brian’s day to day struggle only seeing Justin every few months. It also deals with Brian finally spending time and getting to know Gus now that he’s getting a little older. Eventually Brian and Justin commit to one another, and a future together.

I hope you like this one as much as I did, so as always, Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Midnight Whispers; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=2648

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Okay I’m late again what can I say… This week I’m recommending “Forbidden Love” by Draccone.

Brian reconciles with his boyfriend, but they’re relationship isn’t really working anymore. Then he meets someone new and everything is turned upside down. Is he strong enough to follow his heart, or will be guilted into staying with someone he doesn’t really love...

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did…

Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Midnight Whispers; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=485

Livejournal; http://draccone.livejournal.com/tag/forbidden%20love

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Okay I’m almost back on track, just a few days late, call it vacation jet-lag. This week’s story recommendation to you is by Mouse, titled “Ending and Beginnings”. This one is nice and long just like I know you like them…

It takes place three years after the rage party, tragedy strikes leaving Justin a widower. He returns to Pittsburgh, and tries to put his life back together again, both him and Brian have changed, grownup a little over time. The question is can they put the past behind them and be friend’s, or is there still deep unresolved passion between them?

I really enjoyed re-reading this one, and I know you’ll like it too, so as always…

Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Midnight Whispers; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=955

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I’m back from vacation, and it was wonderful to get away, but that will be another post…
But while I was away I took a travel drive full of fics that Pam81 sent to me a few years ago, thank you Pam… I read quite a few of them, and one I would like to recommend to you is titled “Endeavor” by [livejournal.com profile] galeandrandy. Randy is in a long term relationship, and once he graduates he takes a job working for Brian at Kinnetik’s. Although he and Brian develop a friendship, it takes them a little longer to realize that maybe it’s more than just friends.

I really enjoyed reading this one, and I know you’ll like it too, so as always Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen


MoonShadow Tribe

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For once I’m not late, I’m even early… That’s because I’ll be away on vacation, leaving Saturday morning…

So this week’s recommendation is one I can’t believe I didn’t read until this week… It’s by one of my favorite author’s Violette7, title “Buttercup and Enigma.” It’s about a fanfic writer, who’s stuck in a relationship that’s run its course, if it ever had one… He writes about what he wishes he had in real life, then low and behold he meets one of his fans and things develop fast between them…

I have to admit that I haven’t finished this one, it’s nice and long, 81 chapters, so I’ll have something to read while I’m away. That is after I download all the chapter onto a travel-drive, no internet at the cabin on Lake Michigan…

So as always Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

You can read this fic on Midnight Whispers; http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=818

Or on Livejournal; http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=violette7&keyword=Buttercup%20and%20Enigma&filter=all

Okay I’m slightly unclear how this fic has 81 chapters on Midnight Whispers, and only 60 chapters on Livejournal… But I did check the last chapter on both sites and it appears to be the same one… It’s a mystery…

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It’s Tuesday, and I’m late what can I say… But here’s this week selection titled “Thorn of Rose” by Sapphire. Justin’s been concealing his abusive relationship with Ethan from everyone, especially Brian. Then one night Brian is shocked to see Justin so battered and broken. Gripped with fear he runs from Brian, only to be rescued by him a little while later… Because as we all know, even though Justin left Brian, neither he nor Brian ever stopped loving the other one…

I really love this one and I know you will too...

So Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

You can read it on Midnight Whispers;


Or on livejournal;


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I’m recommending a fic that was mentioned on http://getithere.livejournal.com my interest was piqued reading the description of the story they were looking for, so I started reading it myself. Granted I’m only halfway through the story, but I’m really enjoying it, it’s titled “Second Best” By Meredeth and Thyme.

Justin has an older brother named Dillon, who practically walks on water as far as his parents are concerned. Justin’s always being compared to him, and he always ends up being put down by his family for not measuring up to Dillon’s standard. Interestingly enough, Dillon was in a serious relationship with Brian until a few years ago, when he moved to Chicago for business. This is what happens when Justin and Brian keep running into each other…

I’m really liking this story, it not like every other fic out there, and it’s refreshing to read them meeting in a whole new way. So give this fic a try, I hope you’re going to like it as much as I do…

So as always enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Second Best; http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/Collaborations/Second.htm

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Yes, I know I’m late posting this week’s recommendation, but this time I actually have a good excuse. My sister Patty and her boyfriend are visiting from California… So I’ve had to be constantly out playing, eating, and drinking… I know poor me, there going my diet for the next ten days. He, he, he…

Okay this week’s selection is by Draccone titled “The Bet.” I’m sure most of you have read this before, but it is a great fic, and one I’ve read and re-read multiple times…

It all starts with a bet in which the guys tell Brian that he could never have a boyfriend not because he doesn’t want to but because it wouldn’t work. Brian bets them that he could if he wanted to and sets out to prove it. Emmett and Ted pick the guy with Brian’s approval. So, Brian goes after the blond that they pick but the brunet is in for more than he bargained for…

So I hope you enjoy it if you haven’t read it before, and for those that have it’s always worth a second shot.
So as always Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

The Bet ~ http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=483

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This week’s recommendation is Animal Crackers by Mickiebg. I read this story this week, and really liked it… Brian and Justin are finally married and they’re about to take their long awaited vacation/honeymoon together… I hope you love all the ups and downs of this fic as much as I did.

As always enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Animal Crackers;  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1022

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It’s Sunday Kids, so here’s this week’s choice. I’m back to recommending fics by Defensive Walls. This one’s titled “Anything of Nothing.”

While in New York on business, Brian and Justin make a commitment to each. They run into an old nemesis of Brian’s, who proceeds to wreak a little havoc in their lives that stir up old memories. Needless to say not everyone’s is pleased about their plans for the future.

I really enjoyed reading this story, and I know you will too.
So enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

Anything of Nothing


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It must be a holiday weekend, because Sunday just seems to have melted into Monday. So once again I’m late in posting Kathleen’s Favorite Fics… This week’s selection was recommended to me by Jackie ~  [livejournal.com profile] mrs_koki, because she just seems to know what I like to read. Great minds read alike…

It’s a series of fics by Bdeviled, the first one is titled “A Love That Will Never Grow Old“ and the second one is titled “Into The Sunset.” Like so many of us she was disappointed with the way the series ended, so this is her take on season six, and seven. You can tell just by the titles that this is a series love stories. My favorite of course, I hope you like them as much as I did.

As always Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

A Love That Will Never Grow Old

Into The Sunset

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Okay, because I found myself giving out this list twice (in no specific order) in the last 24 hours, here’s what I consider to be a fangirls bible to QAF fanfiction. A list of what I consider the truly great fanfiction writers in our community. If not for them many of us might not have started writing. I want to thank them for inspiring all of us writers and readers…

Gaedhal's - The Queer Theories Sage
Part 1 - Queer Theories I
Part 2 - Queer Theories II
Part 3 - Queer Theories III
Part 4 - Queer Realities
Part 5 - Queer Identities
Somewhere in the middle - Nowhere Man


Vamphile's - The Keeping Series
Part 1 - Brothers Keeper
Part 2 - Keeping It Together
Part 3 - Safe Keeping
Part 4 - Keeping Touch
Part 5 - Keeping Time
This is the link to her master fics list: http://epicallytired.livejournal.com/138214.html

Paeansong's - The Talisman Series
Part 1 - Sparing Partners  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=558
Part 2 - Superheros  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=559
Part 3 - Mean while in Toronto  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=560
Part 4 - Talisman of Time  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=561
Part 4 A - Sessions in the Pitts (To be read after chapter 17 of Talisman) 
Part 5 - Between Now and Then  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=574
Part 5 B - More Sessions in the Pitts (To be read after chapter 54 of Now and Then)
Part 6 - And So Moving Forward  http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=575

Okay again the author has added two more sidebars, I haven’t read them yet so I’m not sure where they fit in, but just in case you want to read them…

The Gathering ~ http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=942
The Return of Divina Devore ~ http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=584

Part 1 - Before there was you, there was you
Part 2 - Return to Me
Part 3 - A Stitch in Time


Part 1 - Reverberations ~ http://wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com/96585.html
Part 2 - Homecoming ~ http://wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com/97275.html
Part 3 - Homework ~ http://wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com/97275.html

Mickiebg's - Karma Series
Part 1 - http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=363
Part 2 - http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=110
Part 3 - http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=657

Part 1 - Caprice: http://qaf-fic.com/atp/viewstory.php?sid=636&warning=NC-17
Part 2 - Ritorna a Me: http://qaf-fic.com/atp/viewstory.php?sid=651

Plumsuede's - Beyond the Yellowbrick Road

I swear these are like the Holy Grail of QAF fanfiction, and a must read. I have read and re-read these so many times... I know there are many, many more great authors I haven’t listed, but that’s what Kathleen’s Favorite Fics is for…

no title

So as always, Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen
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It’s Sunday again, time just seems to fly by… So this week’s recommendation is by Methylethyl, titled “Breakneck.” It could be canon, expect of course it’s not. It follows season one with a little more detail and emotions, Justin’s forced to grow up a little faster, and take on a more responsibilities. But the best part is it ends before the bashing, leaving you feeling a lot more hopeful than the actual end of season one…

I hope you like it as much as I did, so as always enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

You can find it on Midnight Whispers;

Breakneck ~ http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1800

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Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know I know, I’m late with this week recommendation. But maybe I was supposed to be? I met Brandi1111 over on AO3 yesterday, and she ended up asking me to read her fic. Be gentle this is the first story she's ever written. I know how frightening it is to start putting yourself out there, and wondering if anyone likes or is even reading your work… I read it this morning while drinking my French roast, and I really enjoyed it.

It’s titled “What I Knew” and its original, adding a new character as well as incorporating the old gang. I found it refreshing, presenting a new take on the Pittsburgh and the people we all love to hate. I won’t give away the plot, but I do hope you’ll give it a read, because I know you’re going to really love it as much as I do. So please welcome Brandi to our community and help encourage her writing…

So as always Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen

What I Knew; http://archiveofourown.org/works/3656286

I didin't realize that you have to be a registered user on AO3 to be able to read it.
Oops, I guess you'll now have another place to read fics...
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Yep, it’s Monday... What happen to Sunday? I recently discovered Defensivewalls and their website; The Sage of Brian and Justin.  http://www.angelfire.com/folk/defensivewalls/qafindex.html

So I may be recommending several of their fics in the near future. I’ve really fallen in love with her stories, and I can’t seem to stop reading them. This week’s recommendation is called; “Made to be Broken.”

Justin finds Brian on his door step (they have never met before) he takes him in out of the storm, then he helps him as he struggles with amnesia and resolving the missing years of his life…

I know you’re going to love this one, or at least I hope you do…

Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen


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This week recommendation is one I’m really enjoying, yes it is a WIP, but it is updated often… Don’t say it, I know, hangs head in shame… Really I promise I’m planning on updating my WIP’s soon…

It’s titled; “Sickness and Health, Good Times and Bad” by PA Boi. Justin’s back from New York and him and Brian are living happily at Britin, but of course they have to put up with all the drama surrounding their dysfunctional family. The best part is that it’s really, really long… And as I said it updated regularly…

I know you’re going to love this fic as much as I do…

Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen


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Okay it’s Sunday so it’s time for another recommendation of one of my favorite fic’s. This week selection is by Defensive Walls, titled “Decadence.” It’s set in the 1920’s, Brian is a mobster who tries to save a starving artist, Justin down on the docks of Pittsburgh. But Justin’s not so willing to be saved by the Kingpin, at least not at first…

I really liked this fic, being set in another era and with a different backstory. I know you’ll like it too…

Enjoy and Happy Reading Kids ~ Kathleen


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Okay I read this fic a looooong time ago, and then again recently… And I still loved it… It’s by E, titled “Picture Perfect.” Even though Brian and Justin are no longer together they help each other finally deal with the aftermath of the prom and resolve some issues between themselves along the way…

This one is definitely well worth the read, I hope you love it as much as I did…

Enjoy Kids and Happy Reading ~ Kathleen

Picture Perfect: http://www.qafcaps.com/queereyes/fic/epp1.html

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Okay it’s Monday, I missed Sundays post… What can It say it was Easter…

This week selection is by Just Visiting - titled; Every Morning After. It takes place after the Stockwell incident, Justin is suspended from PIFA, and Brian is jobless. Brian takes a chance and changes careers after being blackballed in the advertising industry.  He and Justin struggle along adjusting to being poor, and in the end they finally get back on the same page…

I really loved reading this one, and I know you will too…

So Happy Reading and Enjoy Kids ~ Kathleen

Every Morning After...

by Just Visiting
Chapter 1 - Waking Up


Chapter 2 – Happy Face


Chapter 3 – Unfamiliar Territory


Chapter 4 – Shadow of a Doubt


Chapter 5 – Second Thoughts


Chapter 6 – Second Chances


Chapter 7 – True Believer


Or here on Moonshadow Tribe: http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/JVF/Morning.htm


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