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That's the sunshine smile I love...

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All that dark hair is gone, and our golden boy is back...


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💘💘💘 I Love This! 💘💘💘


Jun. 15th, 2016 11:08 am
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I love it!

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Cabaret behind the scenes...


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This such a great clip of Randy, talking about his trip and filming QaF. The fact that the audio is so very clear, and you can hear his sexy voice and see his charming personality totally bring back so memories of the show. It's priming me for the Risen'Shine Con in just 15 days!!!

📹 📹 📹

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~ ~ Beautiful Randy ~ ~

I love his Sunshine Smile!
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I'm actually getting used to the dark hair, either way he still looks great!

and young...

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More Randy Pants... )

You can't help but love Randy!!!

I'm sure you've seen these before, but who cares!
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Randy Pants...


Feb. 2nd, 2016 09:09 am
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Our Beautiful Boy's!!!
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God I miss this show! Is it just me, or does he look even younger in this Fan-Art?
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That Sunshine Smile! )

Happy Birthday My Sweet and Lovely Dee Dee ~ [livejournal.com profile] rulisteningbj !!!

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Okay for me this is very sad… Yesterday on twitter I saw Elke’s post…

Please have all a happy holiday season! See u in Toronto 4 the last Rise 'n Shine QAF event.

Last QAF event? Meaning no more ever?

 One has to stop at a point when it´s a good moment to end it.

 So Sad! But at least I've already got my tickets... Now if we could just get the whole cast to attend, for the final farewell...

 Might be that added incentive??? Glad I have my ticket as well!

We fangirls have to stick together, I can't wait to meet you in Toronto!

What's this about this being the last one? Tell me it isn't so??? Gale has to be there, then!!!

I know, I feel like crying. So yes, Gale just has to be there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

I know that all good things must come to an end, but it just breaks my heart. I love QAF, and even though it’s been off the air for ten years… I didn’t find it until I saw it in reruns on Logo, and my life’s never been the same since. It seems our fandom just keeps shrinking, at least here on Livejournal. It’s still very active on Twitter and Tumblr…

So I really am so glad I decided to go to the con in Toronto next June. It might be the only way to meet so many of you wonderful fangirls that I’m come to feel so close too over the years…

Okay I’m going to stop ranting… For today anyways… I just can’t keep feeling like a part of me has died…

They'll always live on in fanfiction...

Thank God!

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Helena ~ Bissa does it again... So Beautiful...

Dare I say, God had a hand with this one... So Beautiful...


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